Subdivision Restrictions

We all want to live in an attractive neighborhood, with high property values, where our neighbors are friends. A safe place where kids can play in the streets and we can leave our doors unlocked.

To support this vision, residents are responsible for following all Hillsboro City Ordinances, as well as Eagle Ridge Subdivision Restrictions.

These restrictions were established to provide a framework for our community that will keep it great for years to come.

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Animals & Livestock

No animal or livestock shall be raised, bred, or kept on any lot except household pets not kept for commercial purposes. No frequently, loudly barking dogs are permitted. No wild or dangerous animal shall be considered a household pet.

Architectural Control

No building shall be erected, placed, or altered on any lot, tract, or parcel until the construction plans and specifications and a plan showing the location of the structure have been approved by the Architectural Control Committee as to workmanship and materials, harmony of external design with existing structures, and location with respect to topography and finish grade elevation. No fence or wall shall be erected, placed, or altered on any lot, tract, or parcel unless similarly approved. Approval shall be reasonably given in accordance with the restrictions as provided in this indenture.

Billboards & Signs

No billboard, signboard, or advertising sign shall be permitted other than "For Rent" or "For Sale" signs. Such permitted signs shall be limited to a single sign for each premise and shall not exceed four square feet in area except that developers may display larger signs at the entrance to the subdivision.


Except as permitted by the Architecture Control Committee, no building on any residential lot shall be erected or maintained on any lot other than a detached private one-family residence of at least 1,200 square feet for a single or split level residence, and 1,600 feet for a two-story residence. There shall be no out-buildings, except that with the permission of the Architectural Control Committee, lot owners may construct well-designed and well-constructed sheds for storage. Only one residential unit may be constructed or maintained on anyone lot.

Building Specifications

All buildings within the development shall conform to the principles and requirements of the plat, development plans, and applicable City of Hillsboro code and ordinances.

Detached Structures & Trailers

No outbuildings or other detached structures shall be permitted without prior approval of the Architectural Control Committee. No structure of temporary character shall be used as a residence, and no trailer, mobile home, motor home, van, other vehicle, tent, shack, garage, or other out-building shall be used as a residence temporarily or permanently.


All fences shall be well designed and attractive in appearance. The Architectural Control Committee may prohibit any specific fence or fences on residential lots when in its judgment the fence(s) would detract from the overall appearance of the Subdivision.

Garbage & Refuse Disposal

No lot shall be used as a dumping ground for rubbish. Trash, garbage, or other liquid or solid waste materials shall not be kept except in sanitary containers. All incinerators or other equipment for the storage or disposal of any such material shall be kept in a clean and sanitary condition.


All lot owners shall maintain their lots to give a neat and orderly appearance. The grass and other ground cover shall not be allowed to grow higher than twelve inches. All developed lots shall be reasonably landscaped. The exterior of all buildings, structures, fences, and improvements of any kind shall be kept clean and in good repair.

No Nuisance Allowed

No lot or any building on it shall be maintained, operated, or neglected in such a manner as to constitute or create a nuisance.

Oil & Mining Operations

No oil drilling, oil development operations, oil refining, quarrying, or mining operations of any kind shall be permitted on or in any lot, nor shall oil wells, tanks, tunnels, mineral excavations, or shafts shall be permitted on or in any lot. No derrick or other structure designed for use in boring for oil or natural gas shall be erected, maintained, or permitted on any lot.

Proper Use

Each numbered lot in this subdivision is a residential lot and no residential lot in this subdivision or any building on it shall be used for any purpose other than the following:

  • Dwellings on the lot shall be single-family residences only. No commercial buildings of any type shall exist except as expressly contemplated herein or in the plats and development plans.
  • Parks, playgrounds, fire and police protection, and public utility distribution.

Recreational Off-road Vehicles

There shall not be allowed on any portion of the property or any common ground or lot the operation of any unreasonably loud motor vehicles, including but not necessarily limited to, "dirt bikes" or recreational three or four wheel off-road vehicles. Without limiting the foregoing, no recreational off-road, three or four wheeled vehicles, shall be allowed to operate anywhere in the subdivision.

Setback Lines

All buildings and construction of any kind shall adhere to and follow the setback lines as contained in the plat, development plans, and applicable ordinances. Provided that the Architectural Control Committee may grant permission to build closer to lines or to the road if topography of the land or other circumstances reasonably require an exception to facilitate the reasonable use of a lot.

Subdividing Lots

No lot shown on the recorded plat of Eagle Ridge Subdivision shall be hereinafter subdivided, except where all portions shall be used to enlarge other lots.

I. Dwellings on the lots shall be single-family residences only. No commercial buildings of any type shall exist except as expressly contemplated herein or in the plats and development plans.

II. Parks, playgrounds, fire and police protection, and public utility distribution.

It is contemplated that a certain lot or lots may be used for commercial proposals per the approved plat. As to such portion of the property, neither this Paragraph H, nor Paragraphs I, J, and L hereof, shall apply.


No unlicensed or inoperable motor vehicles shall be allowed except as they may be entirely enclosed within a garage. No vehicle shall be worked on, built, or repaired out of doors for more than one half hour during any given week.

Water & Sewage

All buildings shall connect to the central wastewater or sewage system and to the central water system. No individual or separate septic tanks or other wastewater disposal systems are permitted. No separate well or other water systems are permitted.


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