Why were liens placed on properties?

In 2015, the Eagle Ridge Property Owners Association Board of Directors voted to file liens against all homes with past due assessments. At this time, there were many properties with assessments that had not been paid for several years. We had made several attempts to collect these assessments and the subdivisions restrictions provided only one course of action, placing liens against the properties. We later learned that a few properties which were only one year past due were also subject to those liens. Although this action resulted in the collection of all past due assessments, the Board determined that it was overly aggressive to file a lien against properties which were only one year past due. The Board then voted unanimously to restrain from filing liens against such properties and to reserve that course of action for more egregious offenses. Per this decision, the penalty for failing to pay assessments for a single year will be limited to an addition of 10% interest on the outstanding balance. Failure to pay assessments for two years or more may still result in the filing of a lien against the offending property.

Although the Board is legally obligated to uphold subdivision restrictions and empowered to file liens against properties in violation of any POA restriction, doing so for missing one year’s assessments is simply not neighborly. We assure you this will not happen in the future.